From Idea to Launch - A Simplified Journey to Your Dream App!

Super Simplified Development Cycle

By following the structured approach below, Jamaru ensures that the entire app development process is handled meticulously, resulting in an application that meets the clients' requirements while delivering superior user experiences.


The Planning Phase

Defining the scope, strategy, and goals of your app idea.

What you Get ?

Idea Review and Scoping

High Level Product Strategy

Documented Requirements

Comprehensive Project Plan

Project Estimation


The Design Phase

Creating a user-centric, interactive design for an engaging user experience.

What you Get ?

Detailed Product Strategy

UI/UX Design Blueprint

App Technical Specifications

App Testing Strategy

Wireframes & Prototypes


The Development Phase

Transforming your design into a functional app while ensuring quality and performance.

What you Get ?

Functional App Prototype

Project Status Updates

Comprehensive Testing Reports

App Documentation

Source Code Versions


The Launch

Seamlessly launching your app to the market, backed by our support and performance monitoring.

What you Get ?

Final App Version

App Store Submission

3 Months Free Warranty

Post-Launch Support Plan

Performance Monitoring

Transforming Visions into Reality

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Tech for Outstanding App Solutions!

At Jamaru, we don't just follow technology trends - we set them. Our expert team is constantly pushing the envelope, leveraging the latest development tools and frameworks to create state-of-the-art app solutions. Regardless of your business domain, we have the experience and the innovation to bring your app to life.

Our comprehensive service suite spans from concept design, through development, to launch and beyond, ensuring your project receives the care it deserves at every step.

Trust in Jamaru, where your vision becomes our mission.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD

After Effects



Mobile Dev




React Native






Ruby on Rails



Data Mining

Server Side







Streamlined Success: Structured Development for Quality, Efficiency, and Innovation

Clarity and Transparency

Our structured product development cycle clearly delineates each phase, providing you with a transparent view of the progress of your project.

Reduced Time to Market

The well-orchestrated workflow aids in faster decision-making and execution, significantly reducing the time to market for your app.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our structured approach allows for adaptability to changing requirements, ensuring the end product aligns with your evolving business needs.

Quality Assurance

Each phase has specific deliverables and quality checks, ensuring the final product is robust, reliable, and meets your expectations.

Efficient Resource Utilization

The defined stages allow for optimal resource allocation and usage, leading to cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

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